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Impossible Female Poses



Okay. Guys. Guys. Two things.

1) I’m a martial artist. I’ve been studying since I was seven. I wouldn’t even hesitate to say that I’m good at it. I have done work as a fight choreographer for film, and I am trained in stage combat as well.

2) I’m a contortionist. Yes. Again, since…

Cyclops: the Worst Leader (an interview)



So, you’re a teacher at a school where mutant kids can learn to control their powers. What tricks do you use to keep your powers under control?

I don’t. I have a special pair of glasses that does it for me.

[awkward pause]

Without them, I am helpless and blind.

Well, designing them must have taken considerable ingenui—

I didn’t design them. The Professor did.

Oh. Well, that was kind of him. He also asked you to lead his team of mutant superheroes, the X-men, from their inception. What qualities led him to trust you to lead at such a young age?

I am a natural leader.

Er, yes. How so?

I am very good at leadership.

But what aspects of leadership?

The part where I am the leader of the team.

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I’m so happy we won’t have to do that in Inquisition.

WHAT no gifts in Inquisition? but i want to shower varric with chest hair wax and tobacco ;A;

The romances are more real. You wouldn’t always be able to fix a fight with a gift.

bullshit yes i would i give amazing gifts

i do hope we get to occasionally give them gifts though. it would be nice. kinda like we did in DA2?

Like if they’re part of the plot in the character development or something?

Well yeah I mean in DAO there were freaking gifts galore, and they weren’t very thoughtful gifts, except for a select few (the Andraste’s Grace for Leliana, the gloves for Zevran, Alistair’s mum’s necklace). In DA2, there were only like maybe one or two gifts you could give to each of your followers, and only at certain points of the game, when it was appropriate, and they were only thoughtful gifts that were very specific to the player and important to their characters. So more like that.

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